Caravan Repair in Wakefield, Doncaster and Pontefract

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Caravan and motorhome repairs on the go!

“Proudly providing the people of Wakefield with mobile caravan and motor home repairs!”

Traditional Caravan repair services typically involve the customer dropping the vehicle off at a workshop or repair centre, this can result in the vehicle being out of commission for several days and sometimes even weeks. A.R. Smart Repairs understands how in today’s modern age people are becoming more and more reliant on their vehicle, so unlike traditional caravan repair services we come direct to the consumer.
One of our agents will drive to your location at an agreed upon time, and carry out a full inspection on site. Once the issue has been correctly diagnosed our skilled repair men will begin work on your vehicle, most minor cosmetic caravan repairs tend to be completed on the same day. We fervently believe that this not only makes our caravan repairs far more convenient than traditional services but far more cost effective!

If you need to restore your caravan or motor home back to its former glory Adrian can provide you with high quality mobile cosmetic caravan and motorhome repairs! We can work with all manner of materials ranging from glass, plastic to wooden counter tops so rest assured we can find a solution that works for you!
Adrian will travel to all areas in Wakefield, Doncaster and Pontefract to carry out the repairs and offers on-location repairs, this means you don't need to deliver the vehicle or be without it for extended periods. This makes this service far more time efficient and convenient than a normal garage.

Motorhome and Caravan repairs in Wakefield – Full List of services.

Accidents can happen at the best of the times and often do at the worst. While you can't obviously predict when these accidents happen; it does help to have a plan of action in case of the worst. Whether the damage is internal and external A.R Smart Repairs has the mobile motorhome and caravan repairs that you need.
All sizes and shapes of caravans and motorhomes are catered for so we can offer you solution no matter what the problem is. Adrian also offers a free quote so long as you are within a fifteen mile radius of Wakefield, Doncaster and Pontefract areas.

Below is a generalised list of all of the more common types of caravan repairs we carry out in Wakefield and the West Yorkshire area:

  • Exterior fibreglass and plastic welding repairs.
  • Worktop chips and damage.
  • Leather trim repair/work.
  • Scrape and scuff repairs.
  • Upholstery restoration.

Fibreglass and Plastic Welding Repairs for the Exterior - Before starting the repair Adrian will strip away all external peripherals like decals and lights to fully inspect the scope of the damage. Once cleaned and prepared he will either replace the damaged part or attempt a repair using plastic welding. Most insurance companies will just write off whole section of body work when in reality there pretty simple fixes! Rather than pay a premium on your insurance call Adrian today and save yourself some money.

Chips on Worktops – While traditional worktops you would find in your kitchen are made out of hard materials like solid wood and marble, the materials used in caravan worktops are far more fragile. A falling can or drink can often be all that’s required to chip or away or dent them making them one of the more common repair jobs we’ll face. Our expert Caravan repairs technicians guarantee to repair your worktop so no one notices!

Leather Trim Work and Upholstery Repair – Adrian is also extremely skilled when it comes to restoring your old or damaged upholstery and has been an industry leader in the field.

Scrape and scuff repair – This covers all superficial damage to regardless of depth.

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