About A.R Smart Repairs

About A.R Smart Repairs

A.R Smart Repairs are a mobile car body repair business with over seven years’ experience trading in Wakefield and the surrounding areas. While we may have only been operating since 2013 we actually have well over thirty seven years industry experience, meaning that the quality of our body work repairs is unparalleled.

One of the biggest selling points for our company is that unlike traditional mechanics/car body repair technicians; we actually travel to your location! No more hiring tow-trucks or breakdown/recovery services; we come direct to you making the repair service not only convenient but cost effective. Our team of enthusiastic body repair technicians come fully equipped with the latest technological innovations to ensure all work is carried out in a time-efficient manner, further reducing the costs to the consumer!

Why choose A.R Smart Repairs? - Best mobile car body repairs in Wakefield

First and foremost we pride ourselves on our unrivalled customer service! We genuinely care about the people of Wakefield and saving them money. I’m sure you’ve heard horror stories of shady mechanics and fraudsters charging extortionate rates for mediocre and sometimes unnecessary work; unlike those conniving crooks we aim to keep costs down for the consumer while simultaneously minimizing the amount of time your vehicle is out of commission. All of our mobile car body repair specialists are also fully qualified and insured.

Traditional cosmetic repair services often require the consumer to leave their vehicle in some back-alley repair shop, sometimes for several days while the work is carried out. Our services are completely mobile and aim to get most minor repairs fixed within a few hours at your location! No more need for the use of rentals or loan cars! We offer mobile car body repairs in Wakefield but our catchment area also includes all of the surrounding counties so please make an enquiry and we’ll try to accommodate you.

Adrian has extensive experience working
Adrian’s services cover a huge range of options

Mobile Car Body Repairs in Wakefield – Quality repairs when you need them.

Mobile Car body repair services are not only far more convenient than traditional cosmetic repair services but are often much cheaper. Without the need for a physical garage the amount of overheads is greatly reduced and we pass that saving onto you!
Adrian has been offering his mobile car body repairs to the people of Wakefield now for several years and can work fully around your schedule, he can even do the repairs without the need of your presence meaning that you won't need to have significant time off work to get the cosmetic work done.

Adrian can carry out all of his mobile car body repairs to all types of vehicles including buses, wagons, motorbikes, vans and any makes or models of cars. All of our services are primarily available in Wakefield and the West Yorkshire area but we can arrange travel to areas further away at additional cost.

Our Services - Common Cosmetic car body repairs.

Adrian has over 37 years experience repairing car bodies so he can most likely offer a solution to most problems however here are some of more common repairs:

  • Dent Removal.
  • Auto Body Painting .
  • Collision Repair.
  • Window replacement and alignment.
  • Frame repair.
  • Car Detailing.
  • Upholstery.

Car Paint Scratch Repairs – Paint and scratch repairs can be broken down into four simple steps; abrasion, priming, Coating and finally the finish. We’ll start by grinding off all of the surrounding area down to the base metal, while this sounds like it causes more damage it is an essential and necessary step for a professional and complete repair! Once the area is fully prepared and sanded we will apply a base coat of primer to ensure the next layer of paint adheres to the vehicle correctly. In most cases we will be able to match the colour of the existing paint exactly but in some rare cases we may need to perform a fully respray. Once complete we inspect the area to ensure all repairs meet our high standards.

Mobile Car body Repairs – While more serious car body repairs may require the replacement of body parts most minor dints, dents and bashes can be easily fixed using some simple tools and a little patience. If you are based in Wakefield don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mobile Car Body Repair Pontefract Mobile Car Body Repair Pontefract

Contact Adrian, In Pontefract, West Yorkshire, To Discuss His Dent Repair And Other Mobile Car Body Repairs.