Motorhome Repair In Wakefield, Doncaster And Pontefract

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A.R Smart Repairs are mobile motorhome repair company based in the minister town of Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Founded by Adrian in 2013 who had a vision of a delivering excellent mobile repair services at affordable prices.

Smart by name, smart by nature! At A.R smart repairs we believe traditional motor home repair services are a massive inconvenience to the consumer, more often than not resulting in your vehicle being out of commission for days if not weeks at a time.
Not only is this completely unnecessary in our opinion but it often results in additional labour charges that you have to foot the bill for!
Adrian's goal is to bring the repairs to you! Further reducing both the inconvenience and cost to you! Full range of services

For more information on all of our motor home repair services and you are based in Doncaster, Wakefield, Pontefract or the surrounding areas please get in touch with A R Smart Repairs.

Our full range of services for motorhomes:

One of our primary services is the repair and maintenance of caravans and motor homes, however we do offer a more comprehensive range of mobile cosmetic repairs. We offer our full range of services to all of the people of Doncaster and the surrounding areas (within a 15 mile radius).

Bumps, grazes and chips – The majority of the bodywork on caravans and motor homes are constructed out of aluminium or fibreglass panels. These panels are prone to chipping or other minor cosmetic damage from sources such as hailstones or gate posts, while minor they can significantly impact both the aesthetics of the motor home as well as the VALUE of the vehicle. We guarantee we can smooth out, fill, repair and even replace where necessary.

Worktops and counters – Counter tops and worktops are some of the most vulnerable internal areas of your motorhome. Damage from falling debris or stress fractures from removed fittings are an all too common occurrence, but there is no need to be worried! The majority of damage can be filled or repaired using our innovative ‘smart’ repair techniques. A.R Smart repairs has been saving the people of Doncaster thousands by repairing rather than replacing! Regardless of the material be it wood, marble, laminate or a composite material we promise we can restore it to its former glory.

Leak prevention and mould removal – Water damage due to old or damaged leak sealant can have calamitous effects on your motorhome, from electrical damage to soft furnishings being completely ruined. Don’t let poor or worn application of water sealant ruin your planned holiday, contact Adrian today and he can carry out a complete a full leak test on site to ensure this doesn’t happen.

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